Founded in 2014, Total Organics Recycling is locally owned and a leader in organics collection in the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding areas.  We haul over 300 tons of organics each week from local businesses and organizations. Food waste is then taken to a St. Louis Composting commercial composting facility.

Our personnel are highly skilled, safety conscious and the most qualified in the industry. Total Organics Recycling is dedicated to composting and reusing natural resources for the betterment of the St. Louis and surrounding communities.  We offer customized programs for businesses of all sizes by supplying your business with 64 or 21 gallon totes for organics collection. Filled totes are picked up on scheduled days, dumped and rinsed on site and then replaced. Based on your volume of food scraps, we help you determine the number of totes and the number of pickups needed per week that will maximize your diversion. Our yellow totes make food scrap composting collection easy and minimize the need for change to your present system. Additionally, a Total Organics Recycling representative will come out to train your employees and leave marketing materials behind for you and will always be available for additional retraining.

Considering that a typical restaurant generates 50 tons of food scraps each year, composting those scraps can have a significant impact and keeps a valuable resource of of the landfill. Food scrap composting can also be a benefit to local food growers since an increased supply of quality certified compost can help boost the amount of patron-pleasing naturally grown produce that is available to restaurateurs. It is the perfect circle of garden to table and back again.

If you would like more information or have any questions, contact us today.